Being Alone Will Always Be Better Than Settling For The Wrong Person

Being single continuously can be tough when everyone you know seem to be happily settled with a partner. While each gathering, engagement or wedding invitation may increase your feeling of loneliness and get you thinking of lowering your standards and settling for less, just to not be alone – dismiss that idea outright!

  1. If you settle for the wrong one, the right one will pass you by

You won’t find lasting happiness when you decide that anyone is better than being on your own. Desperation will lead you into to a relationship with the wrong person and you’ll likely try so hard to make it work, you’ll be blind to seeing the person who is the right one for you. Even if you tripped over them.

  1. It will only make you lonelier

Although it’s perfectly OK to feel lonely occasionally when you’re on your own, when you’re in a relationship with the wrong person you may end up feeling more alone than ever. A loneliness more painful and powerful than those you had when you were on your own. Loneliness while being in a relationship with the wrong person may drain the joy from your soul, yet paralyzes you with fear of leaving and being alone again. It is far better to work through your periods of loneliness when you’re single and open to recognizing the person who is right for you. When you do find that person, loneliness will be a thing of the past.

  1. Settling will wear on your confidence

Settling for someone just because you don’t want to be alone will, over time, break down your confidence and self-worth and you may end up loathing yourself and your partner. When it comes to finding the right person, the old saying ‘good things come to those who wait’, is a wise one when it comes to relationships. When you do meet that person, you’ll know you are worthy of real love, and they’ll know it too.

  1. You’ll never be truly fulfilled

Settling may seem like an easy way out of loneliness but unfortunately when you’ve committed to a relationship with someone who does not meet your emotional and physical needs, you’ll be left needing and wanting more and end up feeling lonelier than ever. Fulfillment comes with time and effort and ultimately, you will feel blessed for having the courage to continue the search.

  1. Being in a relationship and being happy aren’t mutually exclusive

When you’ve been alone for a long period it’s easy to believe that that a relationship will banish the loneliness and make you happy. Relationships ebb and flow to reach happiness and which could include times of loneliness too. Togetherness is much more difficult to sustain when you’re not with the right person.

  1. It’s the safe bet but there’s no payoff

While the choice of settling may lead to you never being alone for the rest of your life, it will leave a hole in your heart. Finding your true love is not as easy as depicted in books and movies, it takes time and effort, and being available and open to finding the person that lights up your heart.

  1. You’ll always think the grass is greener on the other side

The feeling of emptiness will leave you dissatisfied with your life and your unhappiness will become so entrenched in your being, becoming your ‘normal’, which in turn will lead you to believe you don’t deserve, and will never find true love. This type of thinking will eventually affect other aspects of your life, even those you enjoyed and loved before

  1. You’ll never regret being single, but you WILL regret settling

You might be filled with sadness when you’re preparing yet another meal for one, watching a movie or wishing you could share a something that happened that day with someone who cares. Settling with someone you don’t love will ultimately lead to regrets, of what could have been, of the love inside you never finding its true match. By giving up you might never find the love you really deserve.

  1. If you wait it out, the solitary time will be worth it

Instead of spending your life regretting your choice to settle, being single is the perfect time to invest in yourself by improving yourself. Not only your skills, but to discover your true self and what you really want in life, the results may surprise you. We never stop evolving and changing but when we’re stuck it a rut it becomes difficult to discover and embrace those changes.

  1. A true connection trumps everything

Throughout our lives we are happiest when we are able to connect with others on a deeper level, from our parents to family and friend, even when those relationships are not always perfect, the connection usually stays strong. While you’re feeling lonely and searching for that forever connection to share your life with, remember that your familiar relationships and draw strength from the knowledge that you are absolutely capable of finding the real and loving relationship you seek and deserve. Don’t settle for less!