12 Struggles Of Being An Outgoing Introvert

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We outgoing people with anxious minds tend to feel anxiety the most intensely, really due to the fact that we don’t talk about it. And by “don’t” I mean basically never.

Anxiety is worlds away from our courageous and bold personalities. Strangers would never find out our inner struggle. We are often the life of the party but can also be mind-numbingly introspective, questioning everything. The struggle is real.


Our day normally looks this:
Anxiety: Okay but what if –
Me: Homie we went over this a thousand times and we totally resolved it.
Anxiety: Yeah but I’ve looked at it from a new angle and there are like 15 more reasons why you should worry about it.
Me: ……go on.


2.We’re are a bit of a mythical creature because we love people and like to be surrounded by people sometimes, but our mental analysis and reluctancy to immediately trust someone is, basically, what makes us extremely picky about who we spend time with. #ThereIsAlwaysAReason


3. We might have alot of acquaintances but few people we really share our inner world with. But when we find these people, they become our entire life.


4. We can usually find it easy to connect with people and chit chat – we can be charming creatures and when we do choose to grace a party with our presence, we are the life of it.


5. But we get up the next day and the whole cycle of thinking too much starts over again – Ahhh what did I say to that one person that rather die than act like an idiot in front of? Did I talk too much? And what did they mean by “I’ll see you soon?” What does “soon” even mean? Like soon soon? Or “soon”?


6. We might be very outgoing sometimes but often times, the small things can get under our skin and mess our whole day up. Whether it’s picking up our dry cleaning, finishing a project for work or making a call to our doctor, just the thought of having to deal with it makes our minds race.

7. Dating is a mountain sometimes. We just think. A lot. Sometimes.

8. Its not a big deal if you don’t call us back right away when you’re out, but just know that we might be playing out a bunch of scenarios where you might not be alive. Or cheating.


9. Even the smallest gestures make us feel all warm and fuzzy. We tend to be overwhelmed very easily, so anything you do to make our life easier becomes the greatest act you’ve ever done. We will never take your gestures for granted.

10. We’re hardest on ourselves, we are always gripped by the feeling that there’s more that we should be, or could be, doing in our life. #Ambition

11. We try to train our brain by finding as many reasons to try to go to bed before 11pm – Right… What were we thinking. Brain isn’t going to let that happen. It’s game time.

12. We bounce between wanting to be in the company of other people, enjoying the love we receive, to being very selective and sort of wanting to isolate ourselves to recharge and be left alone with our thoughts. Needless to say, we’re enigmas dipped in chocolate.

Last modified: July 14, 2017

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